The Stoves Sterling S900DF range cooker comes loaded with classic range cooker charm with its solid rail-like door handles and thick chunky body which is available in a variety of colours including black, cream and anthracite. The S900DF Sterling class measures in at a manageable 90cm width and is definitely within reach of those that  maybe don’t have an abundance of space in their kitchen. 


Dual Fuel For The Best Of Both Worlds


This cooker is a dual fuel powered unit meaning it uses mains gas to power the hob burners whilst also using electricity to power its three ovens. This is the preferred configuration for many range cooker units  and for good reason as it allows you to benefit from the control and instantaneous heat associated with gas top cooking with the reliability and thoroughness of an electric oven. Consequently, the S900DF Sterling is definitely for those who want the classic range look without compromising on technology. The gas hob itself consists of a selection of five burners which is great for those times when you find yourself frying, boiling and simmering all at once. The great thing about the hob top layout is the amount of space between the burners themselves. The 90cm model includes a large centrally positioned wok burner in the middle of the hob which can be used on your biggest pots or pans.  Range cookers are known for their ability to handle many different methods of bulk cooking simultaneously without breaking a sweat and the S900DF can pretty much handle any kind of oven cooking demand placed upon it. With a sizeable combined capacity of 164 litres, the S900DF contains three ovens: one general use top oven, a lower level multi-functional oven and a right-hand side fanned oven. 


Suited For All Cooking Tasks 



As previously iterated, there’s not much that you can’t do with all this cooking might but if you think that cooking up a feast will involve you slaving over a hot stove (no pun intended), you are mistaken. The multi-functional oven has a massive selection of specially designed cooking programs that will do everything from proving bread, cook pizza, all the way to full baking. That doesn't mean however that you have to be a 24/7 gastronomy pro to justify having the S900DF - the top oven grill does a fantastic job of quickly cooking snack worthy foods like bacon, sausages, cheese on toast. We’ve also fallen in love with the grill’s PRO-TRAC telescopic sliders which allow you to safely and securely remove your trays. These sliders extend the full length required to support the grilling tray when it is pulled away from the oven whilst being strong enough to hold it. The tall multi-function oven provides a staggering 76 liters of space over four shelves and comes fitted with Equiflow™ technology which allows even cooking across all four shelves no matter where they are positioned. This is a must if you are sick and tired of your cooker browning top-shelf items while lower shelves remain undercooked. 


Massive Output For Minimum Input


Overall, we’ve found the S900DF to be a reliable, good-looking range cooker that is capable of producing quality cooked foods at enormous quantities if needed. With an energy efficiency rating of A you’ll be glad to know that you can have everything the S900DF has to offer without the unsightly energy costs. In our eyes, the only downside to this cooker is the huge amounts of washing up you’ll have after your feast-stuffed dinner guests have gone on their way!

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